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nio 2/4 Tough and portable USB audio interface with 2 inputs, 4 outputs, and MIDI I/O.



Portable USB audio interface

Nio 2/4 is a USB audio/MIDI interface with 2 inputs and 4 outputs. It is ultra-reliable, compact and easy to use, ideal for recording artists and laptop DJs. 

Laptop DJs 
4 phono outputs for routing 2 stereo signals to either side of a mixer, and 2 headphone outs to cue-up tracks before sending them to the mix.

Nio has a microphone input and a line input for recording guitars (or any external instrument). It also has 2 headphone outputs for monitoring recordings, and further outputs to go to your main monitors. 

On-Board FX
Nio includes 'Direct FX' which run 'in the audio driver', so avoiding the latency you experience with plug-ins. These include:
• reverb, compression, EQ from Focusrite
• multi-FX derived from Novation's legendary Supernova II synth.
• Guitar FX from Overloud 

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