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Torq Control Vinyl - Control Vinyl Disk for Torq

DJ Accessories




Top Features

ultra-fast response > behaves just like real vinyl
bi-directional positioning > allows for advanced scratching and beat-juggling techniques
heavy-duty construction > built to handle long hours of use
available in black, red, clear and ghost > customize your rig
Torq Control Vinyl disk allows you to control audio files in Torq with the same feel and response as real vinyl records. Simply connect a turntable to a suitable audio interface like M-Audio Conectiv, enable external control in Torq, and you’ll be able to cue and scratch your music just as if you were using the original records. With incredibly fast response, Torq Control Vinyl disks let you use even the most intricate scratching techniques, and bi-directional positioning ensures that Torq precisely tracks the vinyl for perfect beat-juggling. Disks are sold individually.