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Enigma - Software Librarian and Editor for M-Audio & Evo MIDI controllers





Enigma is a software editor/librarian that lets you program, store and load setups for M-Audio and Evolution USB MIDI controllers. Currently supported products include the Evolution MK-425, MK-449, MK-461, UC-33e and X-Session, as well as the M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, Ozonic and Trigger Finger. Enigma lets you program your controller entirely in software, and expands your hardware preset memories to a virtually unlimited number stored on your hard drive.

• software parameter editor to easily alter and create memory presets
• librarian to store unlimited memory presets on hard disk
• comes with a large library of VST instruments and all editable parameters
• fast and easy
• free to registered users of compatible M-Audio and Evolution products

Using Enigma is simple. Enigma includes a huge library of files for your favorite VST plug-ins, instruments and host apps. All the controllable parameters are listed for each piece of software. Your controller is also represented graphically on the screen. To assign a knob, slider or button on your M-Audio or Evolution product, simply drag the parameter from the list and drop it onto the controller you wish to assign. Instantly set up the way buttons work by dragging a particular button function (toggle on/off, etc....) from a complete list and dropping it onto the on-screen button that you want to assign. Or view your Evolution controller's Default Presets, then cut-and-paste any number of them into a new memory location.
Do the same with your own User Presets... copy-and-paste... drag-and-drop... this is how editing and saving memories should be done.

Enigma is available as a free download to owners of the Axiom 25, Axiom 49, Axiom 61, Oxygen8 v2, Oxygen 49 (silver), Oxygen61 (silver), Evolution MK-425, MK-449, MK-461, UC-33e or X-Session, or M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, Ozonic and Trigger Finger. Enigma will also continuously receive updates to expand on its features and work with future M-Audio keyboards.