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Shyan Institute of Semiconductor Device (Syllabus) | Shyan Electronics

  • Semiconductor Device


  • Eligibility


  • Duration

    6 months

  • Course Outline

    Physics and Properties of Semiconductors: crystal structure, energy bands, statistics, Fermi level, carrier concentration at thermal equilibrium, carrier transport phenomena, Hall effect, recombination, optical and thermal properties, basic properties for semiconductor operation.
    Device Processing Technology: oxidation, diffusion, ion-implantation, deposition, lithography, etching and interconnect.
    Integrated-Circuit Technology: understanding at the level of Muller and Kamins of integrated-circuit fabrication processes.
    Metal-Semiconductor Contacts: equilibrium, idealized metal semiconductor junctions, nonrectifying (ohmic) contacts, Schottky diodes, tunneling.

    Working Area

    Semiconductor Technologist
    Mixed-Signal Design and Modeling Engineer
    Systems Engineer
    LED Systems Modeling Engineer