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Shyan Institute of Probability and Random Processes (Syllabus) | Shyan Electronics

  • Probability and Random Processes


  • Eligibility


  • Duration

    6 months

  • Course Outline

    Introduction: Why probability models? Sources of randomness. Examples and application of probability models in EECS.
    Foundations: Sample space, events, axioms of probability. Conditional probabil-ity, independence. Sequential experiments.
    Discrete Random variables: Definition. Probability mass functions. Functions of random variables. Expectations. Joint probability mass functions of multiple ran-dom variables. Conditional distribution. Independent random variables. Important distributions.
    Further topics on random variables: Moment generating functions. Sums of
    random variables. Conditional expectation.

    Working Area

    Probability and Random Processes Technician
    Probability and Random Processes Engineer
    Techincal Head