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Shyan Institute of Operation System (Syllabus) | Shyan Electronics

  • Operation System

  • Eligibility

    Madhyamik +

  • Duration

    6 months

  • Course Outline

    Overview of operating systems, functionalities and charateristics of OS.
    Hardware concepts related to OS, CPU states, I/O channels, memory hierarchy, microprogramming

    The concept of a process, operations on processes, process states, concurrent processes, process control block, process context.
    Virtual memory concepts, paging and segmentation, address mapping.
    Virtual storage management, page replacemant strategies.
    File organisation: blocking and buffering, file descriptor, directory structure
    Trouble shooting and Managing Systems

    Networks, Routing, Connection strategies, remote file systems.
  • Working Area

    Computer Technician
    Operating Engineer
    System Engineer Senior
    Computer System Technician Instructor