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Shyan Institute of Digital System Design (Syllabus) | Shyan Electronics

  • Digital System Design


  • Eligibility

    Secondary School Certificate

  • Duration

    8 months

  • Course Outline

  • Introduction to VHDL, design units, data objects, signal drivers, inertial and transport
    delays, delta delay, VHDL data types, concurrent and sequential statements.
  • Subprograms – Functions, Procedures, attributes, g
    enerio, generate, package, IEEE standard logic library, file I/O, test bench, component declaration, instantiation,configuration.
  • Combinational logic circuit design and VHDL implementation of following circuits–first adder, Subtractor, decoder, encoder, multiplexer, ALU, barrel shifter, 4X4 key board encoder, multiplier, divider, Hamming code encoder and correction circuits.
  • Asynchronous sequential circuit design–primitive flow table, concept of race, critical race and hazards, design issues like metastability, synchronizers, clock s kew and timing considerations.

  • Working Area

  • Engineer, Digital Design
  • Senior Engineer System Design
  • Digital Design Verification Engineer
  • Hardware Digital Design Engineer