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We're excited to announce 5 new titles in the ProSamples Series! ProSamples is the fastest selling series in history! Volumes 51-55, each including the formats- Audio, Acid, AIFF/Mac, Akai, EXS24, Halion and WAV.








Produced by Marcel Barsotti for Best Service, Ethno World is a sample collection that sounds incredibly alive: you can hear the squeaking and scraping of strings, the breathing of woodwind instruments and the decay of every single note or sound. You can hear hands on drum skins, side effects and overtones, and the different musical styles and moods of other countries will give your music an exotic and international flavour.





DJ tested technoid material. Extended drum arrangements for professional needs. Loops, lines, licks, fx, basses, rich single sounds, breaks, rolls, noize, tribal beatz, alarm fx, hooklines, alien vox, vinyl fx. This material makes dreams come true.

Reviews. "They hit the right spot with the right sounds in a brilliant way. This set will let every's techno lover's heart pump faster" (Interface, NL). "High quality loops and noises for a wide range of techno styles. A good place to start for the aspiring techno freak." (Computer Music, UK) "The main drum loops are great, with lots of tough bottom end, and are excellent for fattening up your tunes. For the techno terrorist this sample CD is an awesome stash of dancefloor weaponry. 9 out of 10" PLATINUM AWARD (Future Music, UK).





Ethno World Volume 2 contains rare and historical ethnic instruments from all over the world. Ethno World Volume 2 sets new standards in sound quality and in the technical playing styles of ethnic instruments. Contents of the Pro Samples version: bowed instruments: Erhu and Morin Khur. Stringed instruments: Bouzouki, Santor, Vester acoustic bass, Zheng harp. Woodwind and brass: Moceno bassflute, Rag Dun tenor horn, Sheng. Key instruments: Scale Changer harmonium. Percussion and world drums: Rin bowls und Big Rako bowls, Vietnam bells, mixed gongs, Balafon.





This massive collection of quality vocal samples from Best Service brings you a vast array of Vocal hooks, vocal percussions, shouts, atmospheric intro and break vocal lines. There are also Harmonic choir multisamples for dance and pop production, male and female shouts, lines and hooks, and computer voices, psychedelic vocals, vocal scratches, laughter, bubbles, screams, and ambient hooks. All sounds were produced by professional artists and live performers. The library also includes mouth percussion for hip-hop and other styles. All samples are provided license free as usual. This collection is a superb vocal resource for dance, movies and jingles. It’s a truly monster production offering great variety of samples, and includes a comprehensive selection of vocals for film and commercial production.




An essential fx library for music, film and webdesign. well-sorted professional effects: button / signals / movements / mechanical gears, data stream, guns, robots, scanners, crafts, clocks.. / electricity, air.. / vox: robots, alien / atmos: explosion, time-trip, underwater space, control-room.. / and even background-loops. CONNECTION ACCESS! .

Please note: the audio demos are from the original version of these libraries. For a complete listing of what is on the ProSamples version download the ProSamples Library Wizard at the top of this page.






New programs from Advanced Orchestra Extended Edition: "Instrument Combinations", each including 2 instruments out of bassoon, clarinet, harp, flute, oboe, tuba, trombones, french horns, contrabasses, violins, violins pizz., celli and cello solo. Whether "clarinet + oboe" or "violins + flute" – "combis" are always an enjoyable and inspiring tool. Experiment with harmonies devided between two instruments, discover new timbres blending two instruments into one and create your sound spontaneously!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There are a number of samplers on the market that claim to be AKAI S1000 compatible. Best Service, East West, and Zero-G only guarantee the data in the AKAI partition will function perfectly on the AKAI S1000 sampler. If you experience problems in conjunction with other samplers, you should consider using some of the more generic formats included in your ProSamples package such as AIFF, WAV, or AUDIO.





This remarkable collection from Best Service features a wealth of traditional Latin American styles for traditional as well as pop music producers. The collection includes authentic brass sections (licks, riffs and shots), guitar licks and drum and percussion grooves. This ProSamples version of the Best Service Festa Latina library includes salsa, samba, merengue and murga. Loops come in one or two bars, at different pitches, 120 bpm.





Orchestral Loops from Symphonic Adventures is a collection of orchestral music samples. The samples, which range from around five seconds to a minute in length are designed expressly for film, TV, radio and multimedia applications, with the accent on dramatic scoring. Expertly composed by Dick De Benedictis, the musical phrases and fragments focus on classic film scoring idioms, with an emphasis on dark, sinister, and atmospheric textures. The recording quality is top notch throughout, and the performances by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra are consistently first rate.




Solo instruments. Quartet Arrangements: Cello, Viola and Violin combination laid out over 4 octaves. Pizzicato, Spiccato, Sustained, Tremolo. 2 Velocities. Violin Solo Sustained 2 Velocities, Sustained piano, Sustained forte, Pizzicato (Velocity layer - piano, forte), Spiccato (Velocity layer - piano, forte), Tremolo forte. Viola Solo Sustained 2 Velocities, Sustained piano, Sustained forte, Pizzicato (Velocity layer - piano, forte), Spiccato (Velocity layer - piano, forte), Tremolo forte, Martele. Violoncello Solo Sustained 2 Velocities, Sustained piano, Sustained forte, Pizzicato (Velocity layer - piano, forte), Spiccato (Velocity layer - piano, forte), Tremolo forte.

Review. "Valuable and highly desirable product that represents cutting-edge sampling...a connoisseur's product." (Sound On Sound, UK).



Voices of Africa (Creative Essentials Series, Volume 27)

Voices & chants from across the African continent! primitive tribal phrases and effects from the field, mixed with special studio recording sessions. A multisampled set of sustained notes is also provided along with a selection of Female yodels & Male rhythmic chanting, clapping & long sung phrases.



Electric Dreamz (Creative Essentials Series, Volume 5)

This unique CD features powerful synthesized effects, hits and textures. It was produced by synth wizard Dave Hickman using his huge arsenal of vintage and modern synths by Korg, Emu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, EMS and Moog.

With categories such as: "Off World", "Mind Scapes", "X Sounds", "Wetland" and "Outer Limits", you get an idea of the sorts of sounds this CD excels in. Terrific for use in Industrial or esoteric music.



kinny Puppy (WAV)

Full description:

REVIEWS: (click the name of the magazine to read the full review):

"This is one heavily processed sound collection and lots of fun to work with"



Sabroso! (Soundisc Series)

Follow the aromatic flavour as it takes the Latin sensation from your ears to the soles of your feet. The spicy bites of Cayenne cacophony and Picante percussion on this quintessentially authentic sample collection will send a zest of bass and a smile to your face



Techno Prisoners
(Creative Essentials Series, Volume 23)

This comprehensive construction kit for creating Techno and Hardcore dance music will keep even the most dedicated Techno-head xstatic for weeks. It features "hard as nails" loops and samples, drum loops, kicks, snares, sound effects, industrial percussion, noises, vocoders, basses and synths, tweeter-torturing sweeps and woofer-shattering sub-basses, industrial bangs & crashes and heavy machinery grooves and make this a complete Techno goldmine.



Global SFX (Creative Essentials Series, Volume 10)

An excellent collection of diverse natural sound effects including:



Smoke (Soundisc Series)

Through a dark and hazy parlour, tales of adventure and sorrow are told over drinks, smoke and music. The Smoke Soundisc is rich with the textures of this scene as well as the beats and bass to back it.




Tremor (Soundisc Series)

"...This is one CD that stands out above all others in a crowded Drum & Bass market..." (Computer Music magazine, UK). Make sure you are securely strapped into your seat when you start up this all drum & bass Soundisc because your speakers may cause violent movement in the vicinity. Genetically enhanced bass tones and riffs will simulate seismic activity but hopefully won't keep you from experimenting with the scores of fresh drum breaks and loops included. Caution! Just when the area is rumbling with a smooth stutter, pristine and glistening pads and melodies may distract your attention.




Lo-Fi Transmission (Soundisc Series)

Welcome to the warehouse party, introduced to the world in Chicago and revisited on the Lo-Fi Transmission Soundisc. These down and dirty Techno-house samples are so underground they could only be captured with seismic equipment before they were assembled here. Rhythm, melody and vocals are all here in large amounts without holding back the quality and utility the world expects from Soundiscs.



Heaven 17 (Soundisc Series)

From the personal library of Heaven 17, the sounds on this ethereal Soundisc release evade easy categorization by disregarding conventional musical genre groupings. With widely used samples, it incorporates elements of dub, electro, ambient, house, drum & bass, techno, breakbeat, tribal and world musical styles.




Street Level (Soundisc Series)

Through the manhole steam clouds and the noisy street traffic, there's a jam goin' on. Street Level is packed with mid-tempo-hip-hop-get-ups-for-the-get-downs.




Darwin Chamber (Soundisc Series)

That sonic scientist Darwin Chamber has spent a lot of time twiddling the knobs and faders of his classic gear, and now we can all benefit from his research.




K-Klass (Soundisc Series)

The 'Artist Series' of Zero-G Soundiscs spawns this compilation from European Techno-House masters K-Klass. Unique aural textures which fuse house rhythms, techno sounds and tribal vibes are arranged to make the mixing fun and efficient.





Gloss (Soundisc Series)

This Mixman Soundisc contains samples designed to carry the party mood all night. Influences from Chicago's deep gospel house sound and Detroit's moody techno rhythm are evident in this collection of housey doings.




Trance Formation
(Creative Essentials Series, Volume 6)

A collection of mind-blowing synthesized sounds and textures for use in Ambient Dance and Trance music. The CD features rhythmical, percussive patterns, alongside strange, colourful noises and sweeps. There's also a great selection of analogue basses




Old School Flavours volumes 1 - 4 (Rare Groovin', Vintage Soul, Superfunk, and Houseparty)




Old School Flavours volumes 1 - 4 (Rare Groovin', Vintage Soul, Superfunk, and Houseparty)




Percussion Grooves
(Creative Essentials Series, Volume 2)

Only the finest percussion grooves and samples, performed by top percussionist Maurizio Ravalico. These sampled percussion grooves will add a live and exotic feel to your rhythms. A wide range of instruments are used, including Congas, Cowbells, Guiro, Shakers, Triangle, Tambourine, Agogos, Bongos, Caxixi, Djembe, Frame Drum, Shekere, Maracas, Bamboos, Bells, Gong, Finger Cymbal etc. Tempo for each sampled rhythm is provided




Woodwind & Brass (Creative Essentials Series, Volume 29)

A fine collection of Woodwind and Brass instruments. Features multisamples of Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Woodwind section, Cornet, Flugel & Piccolo Trumpet, plus French Horn, Trombone and Trumpet - each in solo and as a section. Also contains trills and runs.





TECHNOTRANCE brings you all the classic synth & FX samples you need, each presented with a short demo so you can hear just how effective these samples are before you even sample them. These are the sounds you always you wished you had, arranged in logical easy-to-find sets, with accompanying advice for using the sounds effectively.




Old School Flavours volumes 1 - 4 (Rare Groovin', Vintage Soul, Superfunk, and Houseparty)




Soundscan 16: Bossa Brazil Latin Samples

Straight from Brazil, this SOUNDSCAN is a superb "bossa" compendium. The drums & percussion, guitar and bass were performed together, but sampled separately, for maximum flexibility. The key and chord played is given for both the guitar and bass loops. Be sure to check out the MP3 demo, as this one has some serious latin juice to enrich your productions.




Delve deep into the roots of India and explore the vast complexity of the rhythms from its many regions. With loops & hits from instruments such as Pakhwaj, Taal, Tabla, Ghungroo, Dhol, Chanda, Chimta, Mridangam, Ghattam, Tavul, Khanjari, Madol, Khol, Tuntuna and many more; creation of this emotionally driven fusion of earth and music is only limited to your inspiration. These traditional rhythm patterns of devotional, folk and classical styles are perfomed by seasoned Indian musicians. "These tracks are spirited and detailed: Whether you're putting together an ambient/world music track, a radio jingle... or a hip hop tune that needs a wacky break, this CD will do the job." - Keyboard "4 out of 5" - Sound on Sound "The performances are extremely tight, and the tracks are impeccably recorded... All in all, this disc took me on a successful audio outing to the Indian subcontinent." 4.5 out of 5 - Electronic Musician