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Ministry of Rock 2 Virtual Instrument

Ministry Of Rock 2 was created with one goal in mind: to create a virtual (software) instrument capable of producing sounds that could actually produce a hit record or film score without any live drum, bass, or guitar overdubs. The 57 gigabyte collection features LIVE technology that enables multi-sampled drums to sound like a live performance.

The Dark Side Virtual Instrument

Produced by Doug Rogers (EastWest) and David Fridmann (MGMT, The Flaming Lips etc.) THE DARK SIDE is the first of its kind: an unconventional, 40 Gigabyte, hip and exciting collection of virtual instruments, some dark and eerie, and some which have been purposely—and skillfully!—mangled, distorted, or effected out of all recognition.

Complete Composers Collection HD

Customize your own bundle!
The Complete Composers Collection HD PLAY Edition is the most inexpensive way to obtain our award-winning Virtual Instruments, and includes seven of our most popular collections. If you wish to change any of the standard selection of products, you can do so, all for over 75% off the list price of each individual product!

Symphonic Choirs Virtual Instrument

Type in words for the choir to sing!
Now more powerful than ever in the PLAY format, imagine typing words into your computer and hearing a world class Choir sing them in any key(s) you play! Well imagine no more, that's exactly what this product does. EM Editor's Choice Award Winner!

Hollywood Strings Virtual Instrument

Diamond and Gold Editions
"This thing is a monster, and it has quickly set a new bar in what you can get out of a library of orchestral string samples - Film Score Monthly". EastWest/Quantum Leap HOLLYWOOD STRINGS is an advanced collection of orchestral string instruments that offers unprecedented control over sound and performance while delivering extraordinary creative power to composers, including true legato

Ministry of Rock Virtual Instrument

It's a screeching, howling, booming, clanging, clattering, bashing noise-fest that will fool your neighbours into thinking you have a tame death-metal band lurking in your studio. It's hard to imagine any rock library getting much more powerful than this." - SOUND ON SOUND

Ra Virtual Instrument

Now available in PLAY format with a new intelligent performance section including portamento, repetition, legato and improved micro-tuning. "Quite simply, RA is the best collection of world or ethnic sampled instruments.

Silk Virtual Instrument

Quantum Leap Silk is the most expressive virtual instrument collection of historic and unique string and woodwind instruments from China, Persia and India. Many instruments have recorded legato intervals. Includes 25 Gigs of new instruments and performances.
"A very varied and colorful 7.3GB collection of expressive, finely performed and beautifully recorded solo female vocal performances, all patiently waiting their chance to make it onto the soundtrack of Gladiator 2

Gypsy Virtual Instrument

"When you pair this up with the top-notch PLAY engine, you get an unbeatable duo. There is some true character represented in Gypsy. Even more than that, I’m always enthralled when something inspires me to create, which is what I believe this library does beautifully." - MUSIC4GAMES.

Chris Hein Horns Volume 1-4

With the release of CHH Vol.4 the Chris Hein Horns series has been completed! With 54 extremely detailed solo instruments and 32 sections, CHH-Complete is the largest available Brass & Woodwind library for Jazz, Pop, Funk & Big-Band. With its large sections and high dynamic sound, CHH also works great to spice up your orchestral productions.

Chris Hein Horns Volume 4

With the release of CHH Vol.4, the Chris Hein Horns series is complete! Vol. 1 - Vol.4 contain different groups of instruments perfectly matching each other. All instruments follow the same concept, so, if you know one, you know them all. Each volume contains solo-instruments as well as section combination.

Fab Four Virtual Instrument

2008 M.I.P.A Winner- Judged most innovative instrument by 100 music magazines
FAB FOUR is a virtual (software) instrument that includes 45 instruments inspired by the sounds of the Beatles. "The quality is undeniable, I can't imagine what East West must have gone through to track down these sounds (and get Beatles engineer Ken Scott on board)." - EQ

Symphonic Orchestra Virtual Instrument

All versions: Platinum, Platinum Plus, Gold, and Silver
"The reprogrammed-from-scratch update of EastWest/Quantum Leap's orchestra goes way beyond cosmetic surgery. The sound - big, bold, naturally reverberant, tailored for the big screen - is stronger than ever. For once, this is a case of a Hollywood remake that actually improves on the original!" - Sound On Sound