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Training under Shyan Group

Shyan Group;

  • Purely arranges Technical Training Program,

  • Provides hand to hand training (practical fault finding & repairing),

  • Clarifies new electronics projects,

  • Searches diploma holders to make them industry based with technically equipped hands, and

  • Trains novice students about the core principles of electronics 

Current scenario apparently shows us the tech-innovation and prospective field of growth in it. Obviously consumer electronics helps us to find a career either in servicing or trading of products.
However, some luxurious products in its indigenous use keeps great prospect in the modern world; as the cultural development tends to be more advanced and fast.
Along with the consumer products, there we find also core level of technology which put emphasis on growing cultural values, for instance, Contribution of Electronics in Musical Development. Similarly, Contribution of Electronics in Administration & Security is highly demandable either in residential or commercial purpose. And, here, leave the Contribution of Electronics in Communication and Medical Treatment; that we cannot imagine and scribe in these words.
Yes, for domestic, commercial & training purposes can easily be categorised to be go with a source of earning and settling a career with a short commitment by the DIPLOMA HOLDERS & GRADUATES.
It is to be cleared what we have found and gone with is that we require high practical sense with equipped hands of fault finding and solving the matters; AS THE MANUFACTURING AND CONSUMER USAGE demand for SERVICING AND FAULT FINDING. NO MORE SOPHISTICATED ARCHITECTURAL DEMANDS ALLURING US IN THIS COMPETITIVE MARKET. We have to be capable to resolve the matters in a second to understand the source of problem and so the solution.
Actually, here, what the subject is going to prove that either you are a self-established person or a demandable technician – or to make yourself best in the industry – good practical resource and accuracy in theoretical knowledge are must.

Those who have been involved in an Electronics Course either in Engineering or Diploma may feel sorrow that they can be bowed down by a normal certificate holder with equipped hand and prudent mind. This is only possible when the actual faults of the electronics system come out during practical projects of different instruments. Shyan Group has created such practical sessions which mainly put emphasis on source of problem and its solution in different instruments with modern techniques.

Practical Training, Valuable Training Training for Certificate; Means Time Consuming

Therefore, Shyan Group, providing services to World Class Brands like Yamaha, Roland, Korg etc. now stretching its arms in Training Sector; Shyan Group equipped with;

  • Appropriate training material and certification,
  • Appropriate Infrastructure & Faculty.

Hand to Hand Practical Electronics Instrument Repairing and Servicing

Shyan Group has been striving since 1950 to make the strong foothold in providing Job and in establishment of Self-business for its candidates.
Finally, this is notified that Shyan Group has launched new courses of demanding nature which are actually unique, like
*Piano Repairing Training added with Basic Piano Music Training
*VST Training for Musical Arrangement
*Laptop Repairing Training
*Professional Home Recording Training
*Electronics Engineering
*Electrical engineering.
And many other courses; this is to be clarified that we specialise in different field with different faculties with great effort not only to showing the patchworks of career instead of that we provide career counseling, and then, according to nature and interest of the students and prospective nature of the market.

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the most leading
dealer of Electronic Musical Instrument and accessories such as SYNTHESIZER, KEYBOARD,ELECTRONIC PIANO and STUDIO PRODUCTS. We are Authorized by  YAMAHA. We are the pioneer in the field and are successfully catering the diversified demands for these instruments. At the outset, we wise to apprise you, that the recently held “Industrial Trade Fair”06 in kolkata Maidan was a grand success, number of visitors met with us for latest update in music world.

A unique effort is being made by SHYAN'S  staffs to guide visitors proactively and this will help them possibly get answers, solutions,directions when they come searching for something about instrument or allied to our showroom and go back with much better informed and possibly more satisfied than ever before.

You will be pleased to know that we have the best equipped service centre with a very dedicated, experienced,talented and skill team professionals to cater full satisfaction to servicing and repairing your instruments. Coupled with experience and expertise gained by the servicing of instruments for over one and half Decades we proudly announced that any fault of the instruments do not need to gets back from our house without rectification,

Considering the present wave of interest we have opened a Training Centre of CUBASE & VST training in a latest technology Studio environment .This is the FIRST TRAINING CENTRE in Eastern India for CUBASE & VST.

At present we are supplying our many Schools, Companies and renowned Musicians all over India and Defence also extends our blue-chip clientele.Hence we request your goodself to provide us opportunities to satisfy you with our performances. starts their journey to meet the versatile demand of eastern part of India as well as allover India by practical and online training to accelerate their dream to make true who want to mark their foot steps into professional world. This institute is not like any other institute who gives their expertise in their own field but is the first leading institute in India in his class to give customized training, education, business proposals as per individual’s own choice under one umbrella. Practical and Online training by eminent experts from various fields are ready to cater their experience, guidance to help you to reach your goal. CBTs on latest music editing software can make a professional Music Editor/Director by only clicking your mouse and one just do that in their own place and own language. Success of students in Film and Music industry establish his credential. Software and Hardware training by renouned engineers can give you a break through in Software and Hardware industry. Also brings a lucrative offer for you; you can work as our business partner by establishing a Franchise at your own place. gives supports and technical know-how to establish a small manufacturing enterprise.